Table Margarine automatic production line

Margarine production line, quencher, Votator, kneader, filling machine, homogenizer, emulsifying tank, batching tank, pipeline pump, high pressure pump, sterilizer,refrigeration compressor, precooler, refrigeration unit, cooling tower, etc.

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Our equipment has the following characteristics

The performance and technology of our shortening/margarine equipment are basically the same as those of similar equipment in Europe and America  . Our price is much lower than that of European and American equipment.

We adopt well-known brand equipment accessories to ensure the reliability of overseas customers' equipment and minimize the maintenance time of customers.

Our equipment is a turnkey project to ensure that customers can use our equipment to produce products that customer need to produce.

Compared with the equipment of other Asian manufacturers, our equipment is much more efficient in producing Blended butter/Margarine  products, which saves a lot of production costs for users.

Processing flowchart description

Margarine automatic production line

In general, our margarine/shortening(ghee) process is :

1. Oil blends and aqueous phase are pre-weighed in o two emulsion holding and mixing vessels. Blending in o the holding/ mixing vessels is done by load cells controlled by PLC control system.

2. Blending processing is controlled by logical computer with touch screen. The blending computer algorithm is modeled by the sophisticated technology introduced from Unilever Canada in Toronto. Each mixing/production tank is equipped with high shear mixer to emulsify the oil and aqueous phases.

3. The mixer is equipped with variable speed drive to reduce the speed for gentle agitation after emulsification is done.The two tanks will be used as production tank and emulsification tank alternatively.

4. The production tank will also function as any product recycle from the production line. The production tank will be the water/chemical tank for the line cleaning and sanitation.

5. The emulsion from the production tank will pass through a twin filter/strainer to ensure no solid will pass in o the final product (GMP requirement).

6. The filter/strainer operates alternatively for filter cleaning.The filtered emulsion is then passed through a pasteurizer (GMP requirement) which consists of three sections of two plate heaters and one retention pipe.

7. The first plate heater will heat the oil emulsion up to pasteurization temperature prior to passing through the retention pipe to provide the necessary holding time.

8.  Any emulsion heat to less than the required pasteurization temperature will be recycled back to the production tank.

9 The pasteurized oil emulsion will enter in o the cooling plate heat exchanger to cool down to approximate 5 ~ 7 degree C above the oil melting point to minimize chilling energy.

10. The plate heater is heated by hot water system with temperature control. The plate cooling is done by cooling tower water with automatic temperature regulation valve and PID loops.

11. The emulsion pumping/transfer, up to this point, is done by one high pressure pump. The emulsion is fed in o SSHE unit and pin rotor in different orders, then lower the temperature to the desired exit temperature for produce the margarine/shortening products needed. Our A unit is equipped with individual flooded direct evaporative cooling control system using USA made Parker/Danfoss components.

The Nominal Capacity Of The Plant---1000~8000kg/hr

The plant proposed by us is a universal plant suitable for the manufacturer of the various specialty fats as mentioned below.

The capacity of manufacture of various products depends on various parameters such as type of oil, type of premix, melting point, physical properties, operating pressure & temperature, sequence of connections of equipment, oil technology / application etc, and will vary from product to product.

Fluid Shortening

Emulsified, Non-Emulsified and aerated shortenings

Bakery Fat

Table Margarine

Fat Spread with or without milk fat

Re-Constituted Butter

Cocoa butter substitute and equivalents

Cake Margarine

Cake Shortening

Cream Margarine & Shortening(both aerated & non aerated)

Puff Shortening

Puff Margarine

Raw Material--- palm oil ,vegetable oil, animal oil, etc.

Total Power---About 180kW

Production processMeasuring——Ingredients Configuration——Filtration——Emulsification——Flash Cooling——Kneading——Filling & Packing


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What is a Ftherm® Margarine Productin Line ?

Ftherm® A + B + C or Plus + B + CH units forms a margarine production line, which can produce tabe margarine, shortening, puff pastry margarine and other products. The structure of Ftherm scraper heat exchanger is unique. After long-term optimization, it has high equipment stability, and the fineness and finish of the products are leading in China.Learn more in this video.


What is a Ftherm® Shortening/Ghee Productin Machine Line ?

Shanghai Ftherm Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies shortening processing production line with production capacity ranging from 1000kg /hr to 8000kg /hr, including mixing and emulsifying equipment, high-pressure transfer pump equipment, scraper heat exchanger (Votator), kneader, filling machine, packaging machine, remelting system and CIP system. It can provide turnkey service engineering of shortening processing production line.Learn more in this video.

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